river clean up on the Lehigh River

It’s that time of year where we all set lofty goals for the New Year. Usually we stick to our diets for about a month and stop saving our money after two weeks. But this year, just like every year Whitewater Challengers is making one of our top priorities to go green!

As an outdoor company we respect the environment and keep our wilderness pristine and untouched by the human hand. We ask all of our guests to join us in this initiative. There are a few easy ways to keep our rivers and forests clean when you visit our rafting centers.

Leave No Trace

river clean up on the lehigh riverThis means that you leave the environment exactly as you found it. Whether it’s the river or your campsite you want to leave no evidence of ever having been there. Leave the trees and wildlife alone. Don’t cut any branches off the tree or feed the wildlife. We know those chipmunks are adorable but they don’t need the crust off your PB&J!

All of our rafting trips get to enjoy a mid-day snack or lunch on the riverside. We provide buckets to take your lunch with you and we expect that you take your garbage back out in those same buckets. This is how you can be involved in our Go Green initiative.

Pick Up Litter

We do this several times a year. Organized river clean ups involve several members of our staff that spend the day on the river picking up every piece of litter they can find. You will find us along the roadside and walking around the campground as well. We want to enjoy the beauty of nature and not have it spoiled by floating water bottles and empty potato chip bags. Help us out! Even if the trash isn’t yours simply pick it up and put it in the trash where it belongs.


We have recycling bins all around our rafting center. Not only do we want to keep the ground litter free but we also want to keep recyclables out of landfills. Plastic water bottles and soda cans from your lunch can easily be placed into a recycling bin after your rafting trip. Recycling is a core part of staying green.

Campfire Tips

Responsible camp fire buildingBuilding a campfire is one of the best parts of your camping trip. Gathering around for warmth and roasting marshmallows into the night. A few tips from the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to lessen the environmental impact of a campfire include:

  • Keep fires in designated fire rings.
  • Use dead wood that is down on the ground, do not cut branches off a tree.
  • Don’t burn your garbage! This can release pollutants and toxins.
  • Don’t transport your wood across state lines or a far distance from its source.
  • Use small wood pieces that are about the size of your forearm.

Help us keep our rivers clean and go green on your next rafting trip or camping trip at Whitewater Challengers. Experience the pristine wilderness of the Pocono Mountains, Adirondacks or Thousand Islands Region book a trip with us this season!