How To Choose Your Rafting Adventure

Our three Whitewater Rafting Adventure Centers are conveniently located in northeastern Pennsylvania and upstate New York. All of our river destinations offer guided whitewater trips, and are suitable even for first-timers. Check out the map below to locate our whitewater destinations in the Poconos in Pennsylvania and in the Adirondack and Thousand Islands Regions in New York.

Whitewater rafting is the most popular activity at our three Adventure Centers, but we can also satisfy your craving for other activities like mountain biking, ziplining, hiking, climbing, disc golf, kayaking, paintball, camping, and a host of other adventure outings. If you can join us for more than a day, we encourage you to feast on the terrific variety of activities available at each of our Adventure Center locations in PA and NY.

“Which river trip is best for us?” We’re asked this all the time, and even though prior experience isn’t needed for any of our trips, we usually encourage first-timers with younger children to begin with an easier trip, and “work your way up” to our high-adventure excursions. Check out the chart below for a sampling of our whitewater trips, ranging from easy rapids to eye-popping, adrenaline-pumping whitewater.

Learn more about each of our three world-class Adventure Centers, and the exciting activities at each destination:

Pick Your Rafting Trip By Location
River Minimum Age Whitewater Rating
Lehigh Family-Style Whitewater 5 Class 1-2
Lehigh Premier Whitewater 9 Class 1-3
Hudson Summer/Fall 7 Class 1-3+
Hudson Spring 18/12 Class 1-4+
Black Spring/Summer/Fall 14 Class 1-4+

Still not sure?

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