Permission to Host

Most states within Region I of USYSA no longer require an application for permission to travel with your team to a tournament in another state within Region I. Instead, you can download a travel form from your state association web site, complete it and sign it yourself.

However, If your host (state) association still requires you to secure “Permission to Travel” to an “out-of-state” tournament, you’ll need to submit to your local state office a completed “Permission to Travel” form, along with a copy of the Whitewater Cup Classic Tournament’s approved “Permission to Host” form. The tournament “Permission to Host” form provides the required proof to your local association that the Whitewater Cup Tournament is an approved, sanctioned event under the auspices of EPYSA and USYSA.

Please follow these steps if you’re required to secure “Permission to Travel” to go out-of-state to the Whitewater Cup Tournament:

  1. Request from us a copy of our approved “Permission to Host” form for the tournament you plan to attend.
  2. Attach your printed copy of the approved “Permission to Host” form to your completed application form for “Permission to Travel” which is available from your state association.
  3. Mail or fax your application for “Permission to Travel” with the attached “Permission to Host” form to your state association.
  4. Once you receive back your approved “Permission to Travel” form, mail a copy immediately to the tournament. (Some state associations forward this form directly to us. Others return it to the applicant who in turn forwards a copy to us.)