Weekend Conditions


Beautiful day Saturday.  Chance of showers Sunday, but nothing that should interfere with the game schedule.


This is a dam release weekend, so the rapids will be super fun!


Remember that it’s wise to take a lunch and beverage with you on the river. Box lunches for the river trip are available at $6.95, if ordered in advance and prepaid. Lunches ordered on the morning of the trip cost $7.95 each. Large day-of-trip orders are sometimes difficult to fill, so advance orders are strongly recommended. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch, if you prefer, but glass bottles/containers and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Also avoid bringing large ice chests, as there is insufficient room in the rafts for these.


If you intend to rent waterproof paddling jackets or wet suits on the morning of your trip, you may want to arrive at the Rafting Center a few minutes earlier than your scheduled check-in time. Up to six wet suits may be rented on a single driver’s license.

A hint from the outfitter: “Avoid wearing anything made of cotton, especially sweat shirts or sweat pants.” Cotton will make you colder when it gets wet. Synthetic, polypro or wool blend materials work best under a wet suit or paddling jacket. But again, swimwear is more the order of the day on Memorial and Labor Day Weekends.


Generally, all the rafting trips go rain or shine. The only exception would be dangerous conditions — such as lightning or flooding. (Flooding is rarely a concern, since the Lehigh is a dam-controlled river.) If you want to confirm that your river trip is running as scheduled, you can contact the outfitter directly at 800-443-8554.  There seems little or no doubt things will run as scheduled this weekend.


At Whitewater Challengers, there will be souvenir photos of you and your rafting crew shooting the rapids. These are available after your river trip. For information, inquire at the Adventure Center Camp Store.