Paul GoPro Rafting Footage of Boys Day Out

For Whitewater Challengers customer service and guest satisfaction are our top priorities for all three of our premier whitewater rafting locations in PA & NY. Many of our guests return year after year for another great whitewater adventure. One of our loyal guests, Paul B. recently shared some images from his Lehigh River rafting trip in 2015. He is already planning his trip and organizing his group for this summer!

Vacation Away From NJ

Paul owns a vacation home near Shawnee Inn in the Poconos, PA which is located about an hour from Whitewater Challengers rafting center in Weatherly, PA. Every year for the past 8 years Paul has organized a trip for the guys on the Lehigh.

“I take up to 8 friends every year for a “guys” weekend beginning on a Friday night, spending all day on your river and then returning home to NJ on Sunday. Saturday [Whitewater Challengers] trips have been a great success for the newbies and veterans every year. We always do a dam release weekend in July. Every year is better than the last. We begin taunting each other in January about who’s gonna get wetter. ” -Paul B.

Paul GoPro Rafting Footage of Boys Day Out

Paul’s group goes all out with water cannons, coordinating t-shirts and team bandannas. Recording the trip with a GoPro rigged to the raft and capturing memories with souvenir photos have become part of the tradition.

Why Whitewater Challengers?

In the beginning, Paul tried other outfitters, but always came back to Whitewater Challengers. Why?

  • Whitewater Challengers is great!
  • Making reservations is easy.
  • River guides are friendly.
  • The rafting center is organized.
  • The river is conveniently located to the rafting center – which means a short shuttle back at the end of the day.
  • Always a great time!

Every July when Paul and the guys return to the Lehigh River for their next adventure they always seem to luck out with the perfect sunny weather. Rain or shine on the Lehigh River, especially on our exciting dam release weekends you are sure to have a blast.

If you want to organize your own weekend getaway with friends call us now at 800-443-8554 to get spaces reserved. Or book online.