Skip Gen Rafting Trips with the Grandchildren

Include the entire family on a multigenerational vacation. Outdoor adventure and camping are perfect activities for family members of all ages. From the young children to the grandparents…maybe even great grandparents. Why not choose an activity where everyone can have fun?

Include All Generations

Skip Gen Rafting Trips with the GrandchildrenFamily travel that includes several generations is becoming more popular. It allows families to reconnect. Traveling with younger and older relatives is a fun way to spend quality family-time. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to sit down and reconnect when you could choose an adventure in the Poconos and create new memories. Some of our favorite family adventures include whitewater rafting, inflatable kayaking, trail biking and camping.

Skip-Gen Trips

Let the parents escape on their own relaxing vacation getaway. Plan a “Skip-Gen” trip with just the grandparents and grandchildren. Letting these generations experience their own adventure without the parents involve can help create those family bonds with older generations. Sometimes its hard for parents to get time off work, but for generations that are enjoying retirement it’s the perfect time to get those grandchildren into the outdoors for a new experience. Grandpa and Grandma can be fun too! So give this version of a multigenerational vacation a try.

Rafting for All Ages

Whitewater rafting trips in the Poconos are fun for the whole family. Suitable for ages 5+ and for anyone that is physically able. On the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania you get to steer your own raft through Class 1-2 rapids for some adventure and take time to swim and splash in the river. This is not a high adventure trip, so it’s not scary for first time rafters. But if you are looking for something to do with teens or the whole family there are Premier Rafting options for ages 9+ that give a bit more excitement and can get the adrenaline pumping. Want more? We have even more options in Upstate NY.

Whichever activities you choose for your multigenerational vacation Whitewater Challengers can provide the perfect setting to step into the outdoors and create new family memories. We have an array of outdoor adventure in the Pocono Mountains of PA and Upstate NY. Call us today and we can help you plan your vacation.