Guide Life with Whitewater Challengers

Experience the opportunities a Lehigh River guide life can open up to you. Whitewater Challengers owner and staff are passionate about the outdoors and whitewater rafting. From the beginning in 1975, guided whitewater rafting excursions have been offered on the Lehigh River. Professional river guides flock to the rivers in the summer months to lead guests down the river safely each year. Guide life is not all fun and games. Even so, year after year new recruits start training in April, May and June for a fulfilling outdoor job. Not many people can truly say that they get paid to do what they love. But our staff can’t say it enough.

Passion for the Outdoors

Guide Life with Whitewater ChallengersOutdoor lifestyle is ingrained into the heart and soul of our staff. Our river guides love to share their love of the outdoors and whitewater rafting with others. They also pride themselves in navigating the river safely. Just ask river guide Janet Jastremski. Janet says that, “Guiding for Whitewater Challengers and sharing my passion for the river with children and adults is the best job ever!

Once a river guide, always a river guide is an accurate phrase. Memories made while by being a Lehigh River guide, meeting fellow guides and customers, and the experiences taken away from the job are what defines “guide life”. It’s a supportive community and network that you will always be a part of.

River Guide Training on the Lehigh River

Whitewater Challengers offers a river guide training program unmatched by our competitors on the Lehigh River. Years of experience and knowledge of the river are passed down from our earliest generations of river guides. Whitewater Challengers seasoned guide managers will be happy to discuss the job more if you call the Guide Hotline (570-443-9728) when they return from their winter excursions at the end of March. Our guides are responsible for the safety and experience that each guest has as they journey down the river. Unlike an amusement ride, the Lehigh River can be unpredictable and poses natural hazards like rocks, fallen trees, and wild animals. It’s not all fun and games, but our training program gives guides the knowledge and hands on experience to avoid dangerous situations and respond when necessary.

In fact, one of Whitewater Challengers first river guides, Kerron Barnes, still guides trips down the Lehigh almost every weekend. With Kerron was where our famous line, “Do you want to be a river guide?” came from. Kerron’s favorite part about guiding is, “Being the means for many people to enjoy a river trip they generally couldn’t do on their own.” Being in the hands of a professional river guide gives each guest a spectacular experience with proper guidance, equipment and direction.

Guiding for Whitewater Challengers

Not ready to give up your career to be a river guide? Good, Whitewater Challengers doesn’t want you to. Our river guides are writers, photographers, teachers, doctors, engineers, geologists, students, and so many more that we can’t possibly mention them all here. Work as a Lehigh River guide for a fun, supplemental income in the spring, summer and fall. It’s an opportunity to get on the river in a kayak, sit on top, or inflatable kayak and paddle the Lehigh River on weekends. The busiest weekends of course are the Premier Whitewater Rafting Dam Release dates…you don’t want to miss these!

There are also guiding opportunities in New York State…for more information about NY guide requirements contact our New York Rafting Centers directly.

Our guides are ready to give you the best rafting experience on the Lehigh River. Book now online or call 800-443-8554.