family vacation near Jim Thorpe, PA

Some people see whitewater rafting as an adventure too extreme for families with younger children. In reality rivers like the Lehigh River near Jim Thorpe provide family-friendly rafting trips for children as young as age 5. Family rafting trips in Jim Thorpe are one of the region’s most popular summer activities.

Jim Thorpe Family-Style Trips

family vacation near jim thorpe paAvailable from April-October, family-style trips are the perfect adventure for your family. Introduce your children, campers, or students to the thrills of white water. These rafting trips include:

  • Class I-II rapids for an exciting, fun-filled ride
  • Time to enjoy swimming holes
  • Beautiful Jim Thorpe scenery
  • Free river lunch on weekdays with Family-Style rafting

Jim Thorpe rafting is the ideal introduction to whitewater rafting. This trip is popular with youth groups and Boy/Girl Scouts looking to experience an exciting outdoor adventure. Start with the family-style rafting and then work your way towards higher class rapids on Dam Release Premier Whitewater trips on the Lehigh River.


A Step Up for First Time Rafters

The Lehigh River is filled with dozens of Class II-III rapids on the section of the Lehigh River north of Jim Thorpe. These upper stretches, where we run our Premier Whitewater Rafting trips, feature rapids like Staircase, Z-rapids, Swimmer’s, Mile-Long, Triple Drop, and many more. After which the river calms down a bit and offers a more Family-Style Rafting trip around Jim Thorpe.

Premier rafting trips are available to kids age 9 and up. Premier whitewater  trips offer the most excitement on dam release weekends when the Francis E Walter dam releases water creating fun rapids through the Lehigh Gorge.

All sections of the Lehigh River are suitable for first-timers on guided whitewater rafting trips. Whitewater Challengers professional river guides will help to guide you down the river safely and provide you with the best vacation ever!

Other Activities Near Jim Thorpe

Rafting isn’t the only adventure to be had. Immerse your family in the outdoors by trying these other activities:

  • Trail biking
  • Disc golf
  • Hiking
  • Camping

The scenic Lehigh Gorge Trail follows the Lehigh River from White Haven to Jim Thorpe offering spectacular biking and hiking opportunities for the family. There is so much to offer! In conclusion, making this a perfect family destination to experience the outdoors, history and culture.

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