group whitewater rafting in PA & NY

Company trips are a great way to boost team morale and company team building exercises encourage a more cooperative work environment. Whitewater rafting gives you BOTH in one trip. It is the perfect atmosphere to achieve both at once. Whether you visit the Lehigh River in the Pennsylvania or one of our rivers in upstate New York we can assure you that you are going to have a blast!

Rafting Encourages Team Work

group whitewater rafting in pa and nyRafting isn’t like an amusement park ride, the natural environment creates obstacles that you have to navigate around with whitewater rushing around your rafting and splashing into your face. Your employees will learn to paddle as a team and take direction from a raft captain or river guide. At the Lehigh River you can even hire a team building coordinator to do activities prior to rafting, on the river, and when you return from the river.

At our New York locations team building is inherent in our whitewater rafting trips so no need to for a team building facilitator. Navigating class IV or V rapids puts your group into a real life situation where they need to work cooperatively to paddle through rapids and avoid obstacles in the river. During all of this they are going to have the time of their life and maybe even check an item off their bucket list. Give your employees a sense of adventure and accomplishment by choosing a company trip at the Hudson River or Black River.

Like other team building activities whitewater rafting empowers individuals to contribute to common goal of team work.  When your team gets back to work they will be able to apply their new skills in a constructive way.

Fun Day (or Days) Out to Boost Morale

Day to day routines can be a drag after a while. Get everyone out of the office and give them something to talk about! Activity-based events are one of the best ways to boost employee morale. They give employees a chance to blow off steam and see their co-workers and managers in an environment other than the work place. Fresh air, scenic views and tons of thrills are the highlights of a day on the river.

Organize a one-day trip or an overnighter. At the Lehigh River you can camp overnight right at the rafting center! You can even rent tents (which we set up and take down) from us to take all the hard work out of camping. If your idea of camping is a soft mattress and air conditioning, don’t worry there are plenty of nearby hotels.

Group Programs

No matter the size of your business we can organize a trip that is right for you. We even offer group discounts! Depending on the size of your group and the activities that you want to include in your company trip we can customize a program for you. Whitewater Challengers group sales team will work with you one on one to organize your rafting trip.

To reserve a company outing call 800-443-8554 or visit our website for more details about each of our whitewater rivers.