overnight camping and rafting adventure with fun and experience

Summer camp is a memorable part of every childhood. Whether it’s day camp or an overnight camp, adding on an overnight adventure can enhance the camp experience. It has been argued that summer camp prepares you for life and we couldn’t agree more. Through social activities, being involved in a community and having hands on experiences are what make camp so memorable and life altering for young children.

Why should you choose an overnight rafting adventure as part of your summer camp? Here’s why…

1. Be Physically Active

Children spend the school year reading books and sitting in a classroom. Rafting is a way to release some pent up energy and have an exhilarating adventure. Rafting on the Lehigh River requires that all participants paddle through rapids. On weekday camp rafting trips there is also ample time to swim in the river. Summer camps encourage youngsters to get outdoors and participate in games and sports. Rafting is the perfect way to get kids exciting about stepping away from the TV screen.

2. Learn Critical Thinking Skills

overnight camping and rafting adventure with fun and experienceHelp your campers develop critical thinking skills in a real life situation. Whitewater Challengers river guides will provide instructions on how to paddle and steer a raft. Once on the river it is up to all participants in the raft to use that knowledge to work as a team and make quick decisions.

3. Encourage Leadership & Teamwork

Many parents send their children to summer camp because camps grow future leaders. Through camp programs children take their turn being the leader in various activities. Rafting offers the perfect opportunity for our young leaders to step into the captain’s seat and navigate their friends down the river. To avoid rocks and obstacles in the river groups of 5-7 paddle each raft down stream with a captain at the helm. Strong leadership and team work are naturally a key part of rafting. As campers take turns being raft captain they need to communicate instructions to their raftmates in order to have a smooth journey.

4. Embrace the Natural Environment

There are fewer and fewer opportunities to get outdoors. It is important that child are given a chance to experience the outdoors in order to appreciate it. Seeing the natural world untouched by society such as in the Lehigh Gorge State Park or nearby Hickory Run State Park can foster an understanding and appreciation of the environment. This helps to encourage environmentally conscientious behavior from a young age. Summer camp rafting programs can help children learn about rivers and the wildlife that can be found in that environment.

5. Sense of Success and Achievement

Rafting is not just a fun day out, it takes teamwork and focus. Completing a journey down the river and spending a night in the outdoors can give campers a sense of success and achievement. Rafting and camping take children out of their normal routine. Make them aware that they can accomplish more and enjoy new experiences if they are open to the challenge. A child might begin the day a little hesitant, but we guarantee that by the end of the trip they will be splashing through rapids and grinning ear to ear.

Make rafting part of your summer camp program and contact the group sales department at Whitewater Challengers. Call 800-443-8554 or find more information on our website. If summer camp isn’t in the plans for summer, make it a family outing instead.

campers on the family style section of the lehigh river