Black River Frequently Asked Questions

How many people do I need to book a trip?

You could go alone if you want to! We take groups of 1 to 150! We’ve enjoyed hosting individuals, honeymooning couples, families and friends, colleagues, summer camps, church groups, school groups and even platoons of soldiers.

What’s included with our rafting trip?

Our Black River trip includes your gear (life jacket, helmet & paddle), guide (NYS licensed guide in every raft), and shuttles (to and from the river). You’re welcome to help yourself to a free on-river snack and a free barbeque at day’s end.

How long are we on the river?

Typically Black River rafting trips last between three and five hours, depending on river levels, number of rafts, and how much playing you do on the river. The Black River consists of fourteen sets of rapids ranging from easy to exhilarating. The whitewater section is seven miles long with an additional two miles of flat water at the end. Don’t worry – we won’t make you paddle the last two miles! We connect the rafts to a pontoon boat and tow you through the lower canyon. This is a great time to lay back, relax and laugh about the day’s events.

Can we bring stuff on the river with us?

We discourage bringing any unnecessary items on the river. Space is limited, and we prefer to keep the raft as uncluttered as possible. (Any medication you may need while on the river should be given to your guide for safekeeping.)

Can we take pictures?

Waterproof cameras are allowed on our trip. There are many beautiful spots along the river, and we spend time outside of the rafts at the halfway point – a great time to take group shots! Picture taking while in the rapids is not allowed (you’ll be paddling). However, 5″ x 7″ action photos of your trip are available for purchase at day’s end. Don’t forget to smile!

Do you offer vegetarian meals?

Yes, a free vegetarian dinner is available with advance notice. Please let us know about your dietary needs when you are making your reservation.

What does Class III/IV mean?

Most rapids are rated according to an international scale ranging from Class I (easiest) to Class VI (too intense to be rafted commercially). The ratings of a river can fluctuate greatly depending on the water level. The Black River is rated as a Class III/IV which is a solid, exciting, and challenging level of whitewater.

When is the best time to raft the Black River?

This depends. River levels vary throughout the season depending on rain and other factors. So it’s hard to say exactly when the best time for you to come is. If you’re looking for a hang-on-to-your-hats, high adventure trip, May and early June are typically the best for rafting the Black River. If you want warmer water with plenty of thrills and lots of playing, late June through mid October might be better. Fortunately, the Black River has reliable whitewater all summer long, and there isn’t a bad time to come!

Rafting Dates Available:

How many people will be in the raft?

Our various rafts can carry as few as 6 passengers or as many as 9. Our final decision is made on the morning of your trip, depending on water levels, weather conditions, raft size, etc.

Can I get off of the river if I don’t like it?

If at any time the river trip seems a little too much for you, just let your guide know and he/she can arrange for you to be shuttled back to our center at the next available access point. Note that not all locations on the river are as easily accessible as others and you may need to continue until a suitable access area is reached.