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Spring Rafting on the Lehigh River

The Myriad Advantages to Booking a Spring Whitewater Rafting Trip

Most people on the East Coast associate whitewater rafting with the summer months, particularly July and August. While those months undoubtedly represent Whitewater Challengers’ busiest time of year, it’s a little-known secret that spring whitewater is actually one of the most beautiful rafting trips along the river. Is the weather a bit ...

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Take a Road Trip in PA

PA Road Trip: Unique Experiences and Destinations for Millenials

Your next road trip doesn’t have to be from coast to coast. Try a PA road trip and hit some authentic stops along the way. Don’t forget to add some thrills and adventures to your trip. Millenials that are looking for something unique to experience don’t have to travel far from some of the biggest cities on the East Coast...

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Rafting is better than amusement parks.

3 of the BEST Reasons Why Whitewater Rafting is Better than an Amusement Park

Are your debating where the family is going for your next day trip. We know you can get caught up in the lights, music and thrills of an amusement park. But you can enjoy the glow of a campfire, the quiet of nature and thrills of whitewater if you choose to spend your next family trip with a whitewater rafting outfitter. Here’s a few reas...

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Skip Gen Rafting Trips with the Grandchildren

Multigenerational Vacation: Take the Whole Family for an Adventure

Include the entire family on a multigenerational vacation. Outdoor adventure and camping are perfect activities for family members of all ages. From the young children to the grandparents…maybe even great grandparents. Why not choose an activity where everyone can have fun? Include All Generations Family travel that includes several gener...

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Explore the Poconos, PA

Transformation: Experience Personal Growth through Outdoor Activities

Through experience we can achieve personal growth and transformation. There are countless destinations across the globe that can open our eyes to new people and adventures. We don’t have to seek out the most isolated areas of the world for some peace and serenity. There are vast wilderness areas right in our backyard. Spending time in nat...

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