Rafting is better than amusement parks.

Are your debating where the family is going for your next day trip. We know you can get caught up in the lights, music and thrills of an amusement park. But you can enjoy the glow of a campfire, the quiet of nature and thrills of whitewater if you choose to spend your next family trip with a whitewater rafting outfitter. Here’s a few reasons why rafting is better than an amusement park.

1. Beat the heat of the amusement park!

rafting better than amusement parksDon’t stand in lines of paved surfaces all day. Spend your family time in nature under the shade of trees and get cooled off by the splashing whitewater waves. Up in the mountains where you will find the most thrilling whitewater action you can enjoy cooler temperatures and fresh air. On an average day the Poconos is about 5 degrees cooler than the Lehigh Valley just south of the mountains.

2. Pull the plug.

You won’t be spending your day taking selfies and telling your friends how dizzy you got riding the tea cups. It’s ok…we’ll let you take a before and after shot to share with your friends (we’ll even take a few photos along the way). But leave that phone back at the rafting center and enjoy the scenery. Most of the trip will be spent in a “dead zone” anyways so your messages won’t be able to send. It feels nice to unplug and enjoy life every now and then.

3. It’s not a lazy river.

Yes…it is a river. But it’s more exciting than a lazy river. Challenge yourself to paddle with a group of friends, or strangers, to navigate rapids and avoid obstacles. This is real life…no ropes, chains or pulleys. Every experience is different and it’s up to you to step up to the challenge and work as a team. There are still rapids, waves and splashing to be enjoyed. We promise whitewater rafting is better than a amusement park’s lazy river ride. It’s 3-4 hours of fun surrounded by nature and friends…without having to wait in line in between every rapid.

So next time your family is considered heading to the amusement park for the day. Just think about waiting in line after line, crowds of people, noisy rides, cheesy music and hot pavement. Then choose a whitewater rafting adventure in the outdoors instead. Whitewater Challengers can tell you all about your options and help you find a trip that is perfect for your family.